Vicki Young
Branding expert for a digital world. Owner of Nalla – A Branding Studio

Andy has been my business coach for over six months and I’ve found his guidance invaluable. The effect of his coaching experience is evident in our Sales Growth, Bottom line and my personal growth as a leader.
He’s a great sounding board and supporting advisor for all the major financial and businesses decisions that I make, this also extends to him reminding me, to be more me!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy

Amrita Sengupta
Amrita Sengupta
Chief Lean Officer and M&A Support, ATOS Worldline

I was lucky to meet Andy and understand his unique coaching style of management consulting in Kolkata, where we worked together to advice the local management team in order to implement a culture of continuous improvement in their operations. From the outset, he taught, convinced and inspired the managers to reach beyond their given roles and become leaders. In the process, he also shared his valuable experiences to coach me, a process that I am happy to say still continues. He challenges thinking with a relaxed and easy communication style that helps you to really reflect and get to the heart of the issues.

Peter De Clerck
Peter De Clerck
Business Consultant

Andy and I have been working together for more than 2 years in the past on numerous worldwide assignments. He is a person that builds up relationship based on honesty, intimacy and a long track record of experience. Through this approach I always considered him a valuable coach, mentor and a trustworthy partner.

Michael Liehmann
Michael Liehmann
Associate Partner at Doujak Corporate Development

Andy and I worked together in business consulting. Working with Andy was an opportunity to become a better person. Not only could you learn from Andys wealth of experience in running a business and managing people, you could also improve yourself due to his wise and honest feedback.
Andy has his special way to turn customer conversations into selling opportunities and into coaching dialogues.
Andy is hard-working, a go-to person and a joy to collaborate with. I miss him. It was never boring.