Coaching Services

Our Coaching Services are aimed at helping new and aspiring leaders to understand the role of leaders and to develop appropriate behaviours and attitudes in order to succeed

Our coaching programs are character based and rely upon the use the of the assessment tools available on this site:


  • The Values in Action in depth report on Values and Signature Strengths
  • The Profile of Traits and Preferences demonstrated by the DISC Assessment
  • The EQi Emotional Intelligence profile.
  • The EQi360 Emotional Intelligence Profile


These tools are used in sequence and in combination with other psychological and behavioural models to give leaders insights into the challenges they find in the workplace and to coach them to improve their response as a leader.


Coaching Programs may be delivered individually or in a team context. The value of coaching developing leaders in a team context lies in giving all members of the team access to common models of understanding and a common language with which they can negotiate their collaboration to achieve your goals.

Change Management Services

The successful execution of change depends upon two interrelated factors:

  • The Quality of Leadership of the teams undergoing change
  • The degree of engagement of the staff affected by the change.


Change Management often focuses upon closing a perceived performance gap between a current state and a desired future state. This Deficit mode of thinking by Executive Leadership can lead to a feeling among Operational Leaders that they are being criticised and judged rather than valued by the organisation. A Mindset of  Defensiveness, Denial and Resistance then follows which can slow or derail the desired change.

We work with your teams to facilitate creative thinking about the current state of the business and about the potential for the future. We use methods derived from Design Thinking, Appreciative Inquiry, LEAN and Agile to shape and implement change from the bottom up. We link these interventions to measurement of Employee Engagement and to Team and Individual coaching of Operational Leaders in the business to embed a mindset that is conditioned to the needs of a business to continuously evolve and improve.